150 Year Anniversary

Loughshore Hotel function room.

150 Year Anniversary Up-date

Worshipful Master elect, Lee Burnside is leading the way with the organisation of the event which is now at an advanced stage. He has broken the planning in to key components, with various Brethren taking responsibility for each of the activities.

Church Service

This will be held in the Joymount Presbyterian Church in Carrickfergus. Date still to be confirmed, but care is being taken to ensure it doesn’t clash with any of the Masonic Charity Church services.

150 Year jewel

A draft drawing of three pro-types has been produced by Gibson Plus of Newtownards with indicative prices. A further pro-type has been discussed which will incorporate the logo of the old 180 tie (An Abbey with a Square and Compass). Decision to be taken at the next committee meeting on the final design which will be presented to the Lodge for approval. Next, it will be forwarded to PGL for their approval before the jewels can be made by Gibson Plus.

Gala Dinner

Loughshore Hotel has been tentatively booked for the event, with Gary Spiers, Lee Burnside, Trevor Wilson and Alan Hunter visiting the hotel to discuss prices and view the room where the gala dinner will be held. At the next committee meeting the final decision will be taken on the date, organising the band and menus.

Pictures of the Function room below;

Brother Lee Burnside, the Worshipful Master in 2019, has pulled together a dynamic team, who will arrange a series of events that will ensure this is an anniversary to enjoy and remember.


Brother Lee Burnside will be  the Worshipful Master in 2019, the year when the Lodge will be celebrating its 150-year Anniversary. To ensure this is a memorable event, he has pulled together a dynamic team who will arrange all the activities for the Lodge and its members that will make sure it is a year to remember.


Already the committee has met on a number of occasions and they are putting together an ambitious plan. Fund raising has started and a Church Service has been agreed. Watch this space for updates on progress of the 150-year team.