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 Abbey RAC 180 

Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180
Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180
Excellent King RE Comp. Joe Corr




Welcome to the Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180 Website.


As a Chapter you will be made most welcome at our Stated Convocations where you will find an hospitable and friendly welcome awaits you and any Companion who wants to join us at labour and after at refreshment.

If you are a member of a "Blue Craft Lodge" but not a member of a

"Red Chapter", have you considered completing your journey into Craft Masonry ? The only way you can is becoming a member of a Royal Arch Chapter.


Naturally, I am biased in favour of my own Chapter, Abbey 180 RAC, but with continuous working since 1906, we have the strength and character to make your journey from darkness in to the light a very pleasant and lasting one.

If you are interested in joining or visiting our Chapter, please contact us through the website or e mail the Registrar at;


R.E.Comp. Joe Corr: E.K.

Meetings :


Second Monday: May, October and December.

Installation Dates :

Friday 3rd March 2023 (Excellent King)

Monday 11th December 2023 ( VWM. Mark Lodge )

Meeting Dates :

3th  March         2023

16th May            2023

9th October        2023

11th December  2023

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