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 Abbey RAC 180 

Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180
Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180

  Abbey RAC 180 2023 Installation

Abbey RAC 180 Installation Circular.
Abbey RAC 180

Front Row :

 E.Comp. Stephen Houston, Excellent King, R.E.Comp. Joe Corr, Comp. Marshall Duncan,

Middle Row

 V.E.Comp. Jim Porter, E. Comp. Alan Hunter, E.Comp. David Dowey, 

                                             E.Comp. Jim McLaughlin, E.Comp. Robert Lenaghan, V.E. Comp. Simon Lusty,       E.Comp. Bobby Spiers, Comp. Hugh Blair, E.Comp. John McIlwaine,

Back Row 

V.E.Comp. Uel Crooks, Comp. Andy Moore, V.E.Comp. Drew Welsh, V.E .Comp. John Nesbitt,                          E.Comp. Gary Spiers, Comp. Jamie Linton, E.Comp. Trevor Wilson

Excellent King, High Priest and Chief Scribe

Excellent King, R.E.Comp. Joe Corr, accompanied by H.P. E. Comp. Stephen Houston and                     C.S. E.Comp. Marshall Duncan.

Abbey RAC 180 Installation Circular 1.jpg
Abbey RAC 180 Installation Menu Card.jpg

Companions relaxing and reflecting on a great night after the final toast, Our Next Merry Convocation

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