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Loads a money!

2018 update...Without giving too much away the Lodge is doing well...

We've a good balance saved in our 150 Account for our 150th year, with more funds to come from our Sponsored Walk in September, our Poker Night in October and our Ballot at the WM's Installation in January we have the final tranche of the 2019 Levy. - W.Bro. Gary Spiers, our "Ye Old Abbey Social Club" treasurer, is doing a great job looking after the 150 Account.

Please support all fund raising events, the rest of this year, to the best of your ability to ensure we end up with enough money to do all the great events organised - as outlined in our Senior Warden's Blog.. Please have a look at Bro. Lee Burnside's Blog - it's some celebration.

Don't forget our Lodge Bank Account Balance, it's doing well too. In fact, the best I've seen in 10 years as Lodge treasurer. It's "ring-fenced" from our 150 Account. So, don't worry Bros., we won't blow all our money in 2019 and we will have more than enough money in the Lodge Bank Account to meet all our financial commitments going forward beyond 2019.

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