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 Abbey RAC 180 

Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180
Abbey Royal Arch Chapter 180

Officers 2023

Excellent King RE Comp. Joe Corr
H.P. E.Comp. Stephen Houston
C.S. Comp. Marshall Duncan

  R.E.Comp. Joe Corr                Excellent King

 E.Comp. Stephen Houston                      High Priest

Comp. Marshall Duncan                  Chief Scribe           

Treasurer E.Comp. Alan Hunter.j
Secretary V.E.Comp. Jim Porter.
Director of Ceremonies E.Comp. John McIlwaine

 E.Comp. Alan Hunter                      Treasurer

V.E.Comp. Jim Porter                   Registrar

E.Comp. John McIlwaine Director of Ceremonies

E.Comp. Bobby Spiers

 E.Comp. Bobby Spiers                   Chaplain

E.Comp David Dowey .jpg

          E.Comp. David Dowey                           Capt. of the Host   

Comp. Hugh Blair

       Comp. Hugh Blair

       Royal Arch Capt.

E.Comp Robert Lenaghan

 E.Comp. Robert Lenaghan Captain of the Scarlet Veil

Comp. Andy Moore

         Comp. Andy Moore            Captain of the Purple Veil

Comp. Jamie Linton

         Comp. Jamie Linton     Captain of the Blue Veil

E.Comp. Gary Spiers

        E. Comp. Gary Spiers            Janitor

RAC 180 Officers 2023
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